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Welcome Back to School!

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Cavendish-Teakean Elementary

Welcome Back!

Back to School Night-  August 23, 6:00-7:00-This year parents need to enroll their students on-line at Cavendish during Back to School Night.  At 6:30 I will visit with all the parents about needed forms.  Students may bring in their supplies, pick a desk and a locker, and be ready for the first day of school.

You will receive many papers which need to be read and often signed and returned.  If you see a hand –written @ on the corner of a paper, it is important for you to read it and often sign and return it.  At the end of each school day the students will put their take-home papers in their homework folder.  Papers that have a @ written on it will go in one side of the folder and other school work will go on the other side.


Student Data/Registration Form-This year this will be completed during Back To School Night.

Permission for Mrs. N. to Administer Medication

Permission for Media and Internet Consent is now understood

What Mrs. N. Needs to Know

Free and Reduced-Price School Meals—This year there will be no charge for any child to drink milk.  Please still fill out the Free and Reduced-Price School Meals form.  The information is confidential.  This data is used by the federal government to provide added funding to public schools.  Hot Lunch at Cavendish is a different program that is paid for by donations from families and the PTA.  A donation of $2 per meal is suggested.

Music—Thursday morning taught by parent volunteer Renee Olson

P.E.—Monday/Wednesday afternoons—K/1st/2nd/3rd; Tuesday/Thursday afternoons—4th/5th/6th; Students need P.E. shoes for in the gym the first week of school to leave in their locker.  Students need to wear closed toed shoes for running at P.E.  It is also suggested that students wear closed-toed shoes daily.  Also,  students should wear clothes appropriate for play, for example, girls, if wearing a dress or skirt, should have shorts on underneath.  If your child is not well enough to participate in P.E. please send a note.

Snack—every morning at 9:30 students can have a healthy snack from home—even on Hot Lunch days!

Show and Tell—Students will have a chance to share once during their week of share.

First Week of the Month-Kindergarten/1st grade

Second Week of the Month—2nd/3rd

Third Week of the Month—4th

Fourth Week of the Month—5th/6th

The purpose of Show and Tell is for your child to have a quick practice of public speaking where they need to project their voice, make eye contact, and field questions.  The rest of the students need to practice listening and asking appropriate who, what, where, when, how and why questions.

Homework—your child will have homework.  Your child needs to:

* read 100 minutes a week

* practice addition (Kinder.-3rd) or multiplication (3rd-6th) facts at least four times a week. Students can go to coolmathgames.com, khanacademy.com, or sumdog.com

* spend 60 minutes per week practicing spelling words or writing. The spelling list and practice activities can be found on spellingcity.com Spelling tests are on Wednesdays.  New spelling lists go home Wednesday night.

*Other good ideas for homework time are to also prepare dinner or play a board game.

At the end of the month your child needs to return the Homework Calendar with a parent signature indicating your child completed their homework calendar.

Wildcat Newsletter-each week your child will bring home a Wildcat Newsletter.  This will have the same information that is posted on our school blog at https://cavendishelementary.wordpress.com and will be emailed home as well.  Please read through this so you are aware of upcoming events, what your child is studying at school, as well as other important information.  If you would like you can tear off the top, sign your name indicating you received and read it, and return it to me.  Your child can earn a treat.

Wildcat Calendar-Students need to email to Mrs. Huffman at jlhuffman@cpcinternet.com a picture taken by the student or chosen by the student.  Preferably no pictures of the people.  Please send it as soon as possible as we would like for the students to raise money by selling them during the month of October.

If your child’s plans for afternoon transportation change, please send a note to school with your child.

Kindergarten:  This year kindergarten will be offered all day for students who are interested.  Core material will be covered in the morning and enrichment activities will be offered in the afternoon.  

Field Trip—We were again awarded funds from the Nez Perce Tribe for field trips.  Anytime there is a field trip, unless otherwise stated, kindergarten are invited to stay with us all day.  All children need to dress for the weather, wear appropriate walking shoes, bring a cold lunch, snack and water bottle.  We generally have plenty of staff for a field trip but parents are always invited.  Unfortunately, we cannot take children younger then Kindergarten age on the field trips for liability reasons.  If a parent decides to go please let us know as soon as possible as many of the field trips require payment up front, have limited room, or require information ahead of time.

If your child is going to be absent please call me at 208-870-3123 or 476-5393.  If your child rides the bus please call Polly at 476-7169.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at nordj@jsd171.org, 208-870-3123, or 208-866-4334.



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