Happenings at Cavendish Elementary

Supply List

Hello Parents!

I hope your summer is going well.  Attached is the supply

list for the upcoming school year!  Back to School Night will be Wednesday, August 23, 6:00-7:00.  Students and parents are welcome to come pick a locker, desk, ball/chair and put their supplies away.  This is a great time to turn in forms, pick up forms, and ask questions.  I will address the group at 6:15ish for about 30 minutes.  First day of school is

Monday, August 28.  I will be sending other forms via email.  If you do

not have access to a printer please let me know and I will

send you a hard-copy via snail mail.  Lastly, if you have

not sent Mrs. Huffman a picture for our calendar, please

remember we would like to have your child’s photo by the

end of September so we can have the calendars printed and

ready for sale by the end of October.  The photo is not of

your child but one your child has taken.  Mrs.

Huffman’s email is jlhuffman@cpcinternet.com

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

Wildcat News is always available at


Please reply to this email with your updated phone numbers, preferred email address, mailing address, and child’s birthday


Elementary School

You may want to get

extra of things such as glue sticks,

paper, tissues, pencils, etc. for when your child needs more in January 🙂

Second – Sixth Grade


1 package of printer paper

*1 spiral notebook labeled STEM

*1 folder for take-home papers

2 glue sticks

*1 scissors

2 packages of sharpened pencils

2 pens

*1 eraser

*1 highlighter

*2 white board marker

*1 ruler
All Students

*P.E. Shoes

*water bottle

2-disinfectant wipes


1-2” three ring binder with outside pockets for yearbook

*Please put name on


Kindergarten and First Grade

Students List:

1 package of computer paper

1 spiral notebook labeled STEM

1 folder for take home papers

2 glue sticks

pencil/supply box – the regular plastic ones are the best size

16 pack of crayons (24 pack is okay)


2 packages of sharpened pencils

2 erasers

1 white board marker

1 pack broad tip washable markers

optional:  ruler

optional:  watercolors
Please keep in mind

that when the weather turns cold and snowy

we still go out to recess, so your child will need

snowboots, snow-pants,

snow-coat, hat, gloves, and if they would like, they may want

to keep a pair of

slippers at school as well as a dry pair of



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