Happenings at Cavendish Elementary

Wildcat News March 21, 2018

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Wildcat News

Students will be taking home their Student/Parent/Teacher conference folders and report cards on March 22.  I am requesting that each 2nd-6th grade student sit down with their parents and conduct their conference just like we do in the fall.  I believe student led conferences are a great way for your child to take ownership for their learning.  Education is a three-legged stool which includes the student, teacher, and parent.  This is a great time to ask your child what they feel they are good at and what areas they would like to improve.  Please send back the envelope empty but signed the Monday after Spring Break.  If you would like to conference with the teacher, just send a note or email me and we will get one scheduled at your earliest convenience.

Parents, Please remember if your child’s travel plans home from school change from the “norm”, it is required they have a note on paper unless you are picking them up from school yourself.  Thank you!

During the month of 2nd grade students are working to master their “5” multiplication facts while 3-6 are working to master their “9” multiplication facts.

Thursday, March 22–Homework Calendar Due and Hot Lunch–Please don’t forget your healthy snack!

Saturday, March 24–Community Potluck for the Evergreen Fire Department and the Clearwater West Recreation District at 6:30 PM at the Evergreen Grange Hall

March 26-March 30–Spring Break

April 16–School Board Meeting at Cavendish Elementary:  Potluck and student presentation at 6:00 and meeting at 7:00

April 17–4th grade Earth Day field trip to Orofino Park

April 24–5th grade Science ISAT

May 1 and 2–3-6 English ISAT

May 9 and 10–3-6 Math ISAT

May 15 and May 22– K-6 Aimsweb testing

May 24–4th Hells Canyon field trip

This information can be found at cavendishelementary.wordpress.com

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at nordj@jsd171.org, 208-870-3123, or 208-866-4334.


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