Happenings at Cavendish Elementary

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Wildcat News


November 9–Calendar Orders Due:  Orders have been received already by the following students:

We are waiting on just 4 students!  Thank you everyone for such great support!

November 21–Hot Lunch!  Remember to still send your child with a healthy snack!




Wednesday, November 22–No School

Thursday, November 23–No School

Thursday, November 30–Homework Calendar Due–I accidentally printed the new Homework Calendar a week short…please don’t worry about it…I will print it correctly next month!  🙂

Thursday, December 21–Evening  Winter Program

Parents, Please remember if your child’s travel plans home from school change from the “norm”, it is required they have a note on paper unless you are picking them up from school yourself.  Thank you!

This information can be found at cavendishelementary.wordpress.com

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at nordj@jsd171.org, 208-870-3123, or 208-866-4334.


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