Happenings at Cavendish Elementary

Wildcat News May 25, 2018

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Wildcat News



May 28–No School

May 29–Palouse Science Center

May 30–K-3 Track Meet at OHS–Kindergarten through 3rd grade (plus sixth grade) students will leave Cavendish after eating their lunch.  The school bus will drive them to Orofino High School.  They will return by the end of school.

May 31–4-6 Track Meet at OHS–4-6 grade students need to be at Cavendish Elementary by 7:45 to leave on the bus to go to OHS for track.  They will return to the school by 11:45ish.  Then all of the students will go on mini-field trip to Zooey Marek’s house for a petting zoo/farming experience.  Some of the students wanted to organize a casual “Talent Show”.  If your child mentions an interest in participating they will have time at the end of the day for a fun/casual time of performing their different “talents”.

June 4–Field trip to Moscow–Audra Cochran has planned an organized a fun-filled and educational experience in Moscow and at University of Idaho.

June 5–Field Trip to Life Flight Center in Lewiston and Spalding Museum

June 6– Field Trip to Tunnel Pond.  We will leave the school at 8:00 to arrive at Tunnel Pond around 8:30ish.  The students will participate in different science and art activities.  If the weather is nice, we often stop at the Orofino park for lunch and the children can play on the splash pad if they choose to do so.  Please send your child with sun block, hat, shoes that can get wet, towel, water, and a cold lunch.  In the afternoon we will return to school for the students’ field day.

June 6–School Overnighter–Students may return to school around 6:00 (after dinner) for a casual evening of fun.  We will have smores and a fire.  At 10:00 we get ready for bed and watch a movie (boys in one classroom and girls in the other).  Children who would prefer to not spend the night often leave at 10:00 or after the movie ends.  If your child does not spend the night but does ride the bus, be sure to let Miss Polly know so she is sure to pick up your child for the last day of school.  We make breakfast for the children.

June 7–School Barbecue and last day of school.  Early release 1:00

The school Barbecue is at 11:30.  At this time we graduate the Kindergarten students and sixth grade students.  The school day ends at 1:00 (and the bus leaves at that time).

If you know a student who plans to attend Cavendish Elementary next year for Kindergarten (or any grade), they are invited to attend the barbecue on June 7 (11:30).  They need to bring a birth certificate and immunization record and we will get them preregistered for the 2018-2019 school year!  

This information can be found at cavendishelementary.wordpress.com

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at nordj@jsd171.org, 208-870-3123, or 208-866-4334.


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