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Wildcat News June 4, 2017

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Wildcat News

Please dress your child for the weather on the field trip days.  Elk River and Clarkia are outside.  We have gone in the rain to the Garnet mine (please send a rain jacket, hat, and boots that can be worn in the mud).  It is outside and we walk a bit.  There is a lot of walking when we go to Elk River.  If it looks sunny, don’t forget your hat and sunblock.  Please always send a snack, cold lunch, and water bottle.  These are also long bus rides.  Children are allowed to bring a gaming device, Kindle, phone, or MP3 with your permission to pass the time.


Monday, June 5– Field Trip to Elk River Cedar Grove and Water Falls

Tuesday, June 6– Field Trip to Clarkia Garnet Mine

Wednesday, June 7–Field Day and Field Trip to Luna House Museum in Lewiston and School Over-nighter–Students return to school at 6:30 (after dinner).  They can bring snacks and drinks to share with others.  We plan to have a campfire, smores, and play games.  Your child does not have to spend the night if your child does not feel comfortable, but could come and join in the fun in the evening.  We watch a movie at 10:00 and go to bed at 11:30.  We will provide breakfast in the morning.

Thursday, June 8–Last Day of School and School Barbecue  Early release at 1:00.

This information can be found at cavendishelementary.wordpress.com

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at nordj@jsd171.org, 208-870-3123, or 208-866-4334.

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